Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beaches and Airplanes

I haven't been too set on having a wedding that's "different". When I was younger my birthday parties always needed to be unique and memorable. It's hard to truly have a "different" wedding while on a tight budget. And of course with the wedding industries being so large and incredibly successful, there's a lot to "top". My fiance, Adam, and I made a few decisions that don't set us apart from other friends and families weddings, but the decisions were made for us. After all, isn't the wedding about us?

Adam transferred to the school we met at after living on the coast of Florida. (A hard transfer one from the beach to the mountains of Virginia). His love for the beach was never lost and my love has always been a love for home as I grew up very close to the east coast. Sharing our love of both Florida and the water (and the convenience of my family's location) we settled on a destination, uh, or beach wedding. Sounds romantic? The truth is, it's expensive!

As a result of money stress and wedding woes I've come up with a few solutions. Adam has politely declined each time. I thought though that I might share them with you to see what you think.

First was, The Shrek Themed Wedding. I'm not really sure what his hesitation was?

Next was the skydiving wedding! I could still wear my dress and not have to pay for the extra costs of flowers, food, etc. Too bad Adam is afraid of heights.

What I would really REALLY love is a Hindu wedding. My doctor's daughter recently married a Hindu man and was able to be a party of their wedding traditions. Did you know that the women in this culture don't have to work after the wedding until the Henna fades off of their hands? Which means, at the wedding she is served, when she get's home there is no laundry, cooking, getting up to get the remote. Sounds like a plan to me! I could totally do the dances they do in Slumdog Millionaire.

But in the end, we're going to have a traditional ceremony on the beach in order to honor our families and friends who came down to celebrate this wonderful day with us. It will be a good time. I don't think I'm above a costume themed reception though...

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