Saturday, April 16, 2011

Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

The picture to the left is from my junior year of high school. The picture to the right is from my junior year of college. I tried to find myself wearing the same shirt so you could see the difference! 

Most of my readers are facebook friends of mine that have followed a link I have posted on my wall. Because of this, I receive most of my feedback via facebook messages and wall comments. I have had several readers request two things. First, to give some insight on how I lost so much weight (check out this post: Scales and Zeroes). Secondly, they have asked me to share our wedding details.

So first things first: How I lost so much weight. 

I began my freshman year of high school wearing a little girl’s size 14. I was tiny. My mom made jokes about dressing a pencil. But that year I gained 40 pounds and a dozen stretch marks. I ended the year wearing a woman’s size 5. Looking back I see how awesome my body really was then. But it was a progressive issue. By my junior year I was wearing a size 12. I’m almost 5’2” so weighing 155lbs didn’t look as good on me as it does for someone who is 5’10”. 

Six years later I weigh a steady 115lbs. There have been “ups” and “downs” and as a woman I have to accept the fact that my body will fluctuate. So if I were to give you any reasoning for how I lost so much weight, this is it: Mind control. Thank you Steve Carell, Dinner for Schmucks. Let your head tell your heart and your body what it is you want and how you’re going to achieve it. 

1.      I did my best my senior year of high school to learn to enjoy working out. I started with yoga and let myself believe it was a hobby. Then it was the spin cycle class. I wasn’t a regular, but I was probably at the gym at least once a week from then on because it had become something I enjoyed doing.

2.      I told myself I could have one soda a day and only one soda a day. The sodium (not to mention the calories) will cause your body to hold water weight. That’s not a scientific fact it’s just what I’ve been told. Just cutting back on how many sodas I had a day made my cheeks so much smaller. I felt more comfortable and less bloated. 

3.      I eat what I want. If I want McDonald’s and I can afford it I let myself have it. When I was in high school I was so insecure about my weight. I would see a brownie and want it, but knew it was bad for me. Instead of eating the brownie I’d eat a ton of carrots with ranch dressing and an apple with peanut butter and this and that. Sometimes it’s better to let yourself have that one brownie than it is to eat several semi-healthy items and never feel satisfied. Of course, use good judgment and don’t over do it.

4.      I make an effort to recognize when I am full. I wait before I go for seconds so I can really listen to what my body is trying to tell me. Be aware of your portions, but don’t be stingy. If you love those potatoes give yourself a logical amount, but recognize you can’t have desert and you’ll need to be more careful tomorrow. (This goes back to #3)

5.      I make myself realize that it’s not about what I look like. So I have a little muffin top? Big deal. What it comes down to is my lifestyle and whether I fit in the clothes I’ve already paid for. If I let my body go the rest of my life might go with it. By reforming my body I began to learn commitment and self control and it’s helped me throughout my life. And I have built a larger wardrobe because I haven’t had to buy duplicate items in different sizes.

6.      I walk when I can and take the stairs when I don’t want to. Make yourself park far away from the store in the parking lot. It builds patience and leg muscles. 

7.      Spend your calories the way you should spend your money, carefully. You wouldn’t buy shoes you didn’t really love so don’t eat a piece of cake you’re not crazy about either. Save those calories for your favorite bag of chips or double chocolate fudge chip ice cream.

I always try to remember that little actions can have BIG results. I hope some of my small habits can help you as much as they have helped me. If you have discovered a little trick that helps you keep weight off or get it off, please share it with us!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes


By the end of this weekend Popsicles and Potential will have undergone some changes and will be facing more changes in the future. I wanted to confirm that some of these changes are okay before I lose any readers and my amazing 13 followers. And thank you so much for your support.

Hopefully we will build functional pages that will allow me to post and keep things more organized for you. The pages will feature craft projects, a page for cheap outfits and my fashion/shopping advice, how to stay organized and clean well, insight into my life (money, marriage, etc.) and our wedding details. I know many of you have looked forward to posts about our wedding and some of the things we have changed more recently around our home. I have been hesitant to post these until the blog has a face lift. I apologize. I am also looking forward to instituting a “Feature Friday”: a view into the homes of my friends and family. I have a great friend helping out with all of this.

I'm in the midst of working on a logo. Wish me luck. If you have any advice or would like to do it for free please let me know!

My wonderful friend Ben Hardbower who is an excellent photographer in the making is going to take some shots for the new Pops and Pote background. Check out some of his work Here.

Post title changes are still under consideration. It has been fun following the style of the title and posting with an “AND”. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to search for a specific post and understand what each post is actually about. I’m sure you agree.

I want my blog to be helpful. Adam and I go through the craziest things and so far have survived each time. It’s my duty to report to my fellow citizens (ha) how we do survive these things so that they might also survive this thing called life. Essentially, I want my blog to be helpful. It can only do that by looking its best!

Please give me some feedback. Hate it or love it? Better ideas? Supportive? What is it that you want to see?

Thanks again,


Monday, April 11, 2011

Working Full Time and Imagining the Beach

I’m sorry it has been a week since I last gave you every intimate detail about our lives here in the climate/season confused mountains. This past week I began training for a big girl full time job. It’s been 8 to 5 every day, which Dolly Parton never prepared me for.

I successfully put together so far five awesome outfits. I’ve discovered (yes this early on) that being dressed well makes me feel better about working in a cubical or sitting through an eight hour training session. Kudos for me I guess. Eventually, I’ll post pictures of my daily outfits. I like getting to brag about my cheap, but totally awesome style. 

After eight months of being at home with the time to take a few classes, rearrange furniture eight different times, write wedding thank you notes, etc. my immune system grew comfortable with my super bleached and lyscol’d surroundings. It did not come as a surprise to me that by Wednesday of my first week I was plagued with the worst cold I’ve ever had. I was living on cough drops and Day Quil until Friday morning rolled around and I could not-literally-move. Embarrassingly enough I called in on my first week of training. (Count me out for a promotion) Oh well. 

Things I’ve learned so far: Our school offers a lot of degrees. Cool. Also, you shouldn’t use your coffee thermos you won on your Royal Caribbean cruise as a means of telling yourself “If you work hard, get paid, you can save up for a cruise!” The truth is all that mug says to you is “Hey, while you’re in this drab, undecorated training room there are people out exploring the Cayman’s with cold drinks in their hands.” I’ve learned too that you should not exceed four cups of coffee before 10 am or coworkers begin to think you are either (1) pregnant because you have to pee every thirty minutes or (2) hung-over. 

This evening Adam and I both opened the refrigerator to plan dinner and both let out a deep sigh of exhaustion. Suddenly I understand how my mom felt after a long day of work, but had to come home to face chores, more children, and dinner. It amazes me that after a week of work I’m even more in love with the idea that I am totally cool with being a stay at home mom. I’m willing to sacrifice a bigger house, a nicer couch, and maybe one less pair of shoes in order to make sure that we can live comfortably in the place that are supposed to rest. And maybe I could focus on my blog and dream company. You know there are women selling pillows for $80 on etsy? Yes, people buy them. 

So that’s a bit about my work experience after the first week. I just don’t know how people do it. Work all week and are still full time students. Heck, I don’t know how people work all week. 

P.S. We’re eating potatoes for dinner because that’s all we feel like cooking. 

Couldn't resist.