Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creating a Sun and Creative Techniques

This sun is from {The Nester}. I thought it was adorable and we needed something for above our bed... So Adam picked up four white posters from the dollar store for me (50 cents each) and I got to work! 

I measured each sun blade at 5 inches in width. Folded a straight line, then cut. 

Then I folded the five inch cut in half (hot dog, not hamburger). 

I traced each time the angle that I wanted the blade to have... 

Voila. And repeat 12 times. 

I temporarily taped each blade to another and decided on a layout. 

Then I glued each one together. 

I cut three smaller pieces 5 inches in width. 

Then I glued all of the pieces together. Carefully... 

My mother in law used these mirrors for our wedding shower centerpieces and gave them to me. I took off the black place stickers. 

Yes, I did it. I just covered that baby with lots of hot glue.

Then I was done! But I realized I made no plans to hang it. I called my mom and she gave me a great idea of using a soda can pop top. 

I bent it so it would catch the nail.

Hot glued it on and used the place sticker to keep the metal from marking our walls. This works if what you're hanging isn't too heavy. 

And there you have it! Now I need to get on that headboard, bed stand, and new lamps! 

It's not as amazing as the one on the left, but I still like it! And it only cost me $1.50 (three poster boards), and the cost of all of the hot glue sticks I used. I'm trying to decide if I want to paint a edge on the mirror similar to the sun on the left, but for now it will do!

Our Rough Weekend and Emergency Road Trip Lessons

It’s been a few days since I last posted for my wonderful readers so I thought I’d give you a wild and exciting post. I have decided to recap my crazy weekend so you can all see how crazy our life really is.

A year ago: We received an invitation to a good family friend’s wedding and began saving for a trip to Florida.

Two weeks ago:We had to spend a ton of money on my car and student loan payments.

A week ago: Our Florida trip was canceled. 

A day before expected Florida trip date: We find out Adam’s grandfather isn’t doing well. So we planned a trip to NC. 

Day to leave for NC: Appointment with loan officer takes three hours. When we were done we rushed home to pack. I was in charge of getting the cat together (we couldn’t find a sitter), packing for Adam as much as I could, getting our computers, school books, and packing for myself. Needless to say… 

{Jackson on the dashboard and trying to get on the dashboard.}

Arrival in NC: It’s freezing unlike our last week at home. In my suitcase: a pair of shorts, a bathing suit, one pair of jeans, a jean jacket, two sundresses, and flip flops. Not what I needed. Then we found out Adam’s Papaw was admitted to a nursing home. This of course really upset Adam.

Saturday in NC: Visited Papaw. He really isn’t doing well. 

Jackson, being unbalanced, peed more on himself than in the box so I picked him up and carried him to the bathtub. Of course this meant that my only pair of jeans were now very fragrant. Adam’s mom uses the apartment laundry room and it didn’t make sense for me to go there to wash one pair of jeans.

Sunday in TN: We drove to TN to visit other friends for church. I wore a sundress, my 12 year old sister-in-laws shoes (we wear the same size, thank heaven) and my jean jacket. I was freezing. Arrived late back to NC and Adam and I both have a hideous amount of homework to do. 

Monday: Visit Papaw one more time before we leave for home. He’s doing much better. We run back to my mother in law’s house to pack up our stuff. She is at a funeral and we realize she has a good deal of Adam’s things and we’re going to have to get them from her later. We get home and then notice that we left all of our bathroom stuff and my make-up – I start working next Monday….

{This is Adam and his grandfather at the home.}

It goes on, but I don’t want to bore you. Maybe Adam and I were both emotional because I was missing a loved one's wedding and his grandfather was in a nursing home, but it seemed like everything went wrong. Fortunately, Adam’s mom mailed us our bathroom bag yesterday. 

Lessons learned: 1. Don’t let your husband rush you when packing. If you must rush just pack everything. 2. Don’t procrastinate on homework something big might come up. (I’m always learning this lesson) 3. Try your best to keep your emotions from clouding your better sense. 4. Don’t take a cat on a road trip with you.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Foyer Style and Reclying Material

This is our foyer "before". Very cluttered, busy, but it held everything we needed- or thought we needed. (Mail, keys, junk, etc.)

This is a bookshelf we were holding for a friend that decided he didn't want it. So we kept it. We also beat it up pretty well with all of our books too and I was ready to fancy it up or toss it (oh how I hate throwing furniture away).

So I tried to spray paint it black and I made a cute backing for it, but it just wasn't looking any better. At this point I had already used two cans of black spray paint ($2 total).

Hating the thought of throwing it out, I cut it in half. Yes, with this tiny blade thing because we don't have a saw.

I pulled off the top of the shelf and added it to the cut half... 

Tried to nail it. Failed. Tried again. Failed. Finally got it on the third try.

Then I spray painted it white and voila!! Adam has been begging me to let him keep his "house shoes" downstairs so I found a way to make it work. It also conveniently holds my rain boots. Yes, I need two pairs! It rains a lot here okay! I had another $1 can of white spray paint so the total was about $3. I am one of those people that puts spray paint on the grocery list. It's always convenient to have some cheap cans around.

P.S. The top isn't that uneven. It's the floor... a joy of renting from a cheaply built community.

House Hunting and Falling in Love

So maybe I have low expectations or maybe I am just comfortable with smaller more “homey” spaces. I love this house. It’s small and old with so much character- not that sugar coating “character“ that really means it needs a lot of work. It’s been loved and well taken care of. I never saw myself falling in love with a Cape Cod style home, but I guess it worked out the same way I never thought I’d fall in love with Adam. Anything is possible…  I’ve posted a ton of pictures, my apologies. I just really wanted to share it all with you! 

This is the sidewalk that leads to the front door. You don't need to park on the street. There is room for a driveway to be built, but we'd have to do that. Personally, I'd love to add a "rock way". Similar to this: 

{This is not the house that I am showing you. I am showing you this driveway.}

The back patio is 16x24 feet. It's huge. If you look closely you can see that down there is a beautiful creek. Our first visit there were five deer just roaming out there. So beautiful.

And there is a light post! How cute!

That's my amazing husband. He was probably looking at the roof line or something important at this moment...

I'm not going to buy a house that I want to change all over, but having a few ideas is okay! I would love to finish the basement and add french doors here that open out to the patio. Dream.


Adam and I have a love for old pieces. They have stories... This comes with the house (it's big). 



Landry room, but there are also connections downstairs.

Part of the dining room.

Other part of dining room.

Living room with a beautiful fireplace.

Foyer with coat closet (necessary for the NE).

Stairs up to second floor. 

 First bathroom.

 First bedroom.

Second bedroom.

2nd bathroom upstairs. 

This is a "study" I guess, but it would totally be a great nursery. :) 

3rd bedroom 

4th bedroom.

Side porch.

Path to side entrance. 

Oh. I don't even know what to do with myself. It has me speechless. Please! Share your thoughts!! I'd love to know what you think!