Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hot Glue Gun Scars and Weddings

I made everything for our wedding. Well, almost everything. My sister in law is such a gem and made a good bit of what we had at the ceremony and there is no way I would have survived without her. I will also give my mom a shout out for being so crafty as well. It was easier for us to spend so much money on the venue when we made our own: 

Place cards and holders
Table Numbers
Cocktail hour centerpieces
Cocktail hour entertainment  (crossword, question and answer books)
Stickered matchboxes attached to sparklers (exit)
Wedding party bouquet vases
Decorated votive candles
Starfish ceremony chair hangers
Starfish baby’s breath ceremony vases
Unity candle set
Bridesmaids gifts
Thank you notes

I’m sure I’m missing something here. I’m looking forward to sharing with you how we managed to do all of this, besides the fact that I didn’t work for a semester and just focused on classes and wedding planning. It took careful planning and several trips to Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn’s- oh - and IKEA, and Target.  And serious facebook vents. My advice to all brides: Delete your facebook while engaged or you were surely embarrass yourself with a “I hate trying to find a venue..” or “I can’t believe people sent me blank RSVP card” vents. 

My first wedding craft was my worst craft, but it was fun to do. I gave each of my pending bridesmaids a glass and wrote their names, "Will you be my bridesmaid", and a quote I fell in love with on them with a "painters pen" ($3 at Micheal's). I found the glasses at Ross, none were more than a dollar. Then I decorated the gift bags with matching tags. I also wrote each of them a letter on handmade stationary explaining to them why I wanted them to be a part of our big day. The tags were made out of thank you notes I already had. It was a cute idea, but they didn't look as good as I wanted them to. My girlfriends enjoyed them though!

The quote: "There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women."

Charts and Dreams of Perfection

I live with a man that I can’t tattle on when he leaves toothpaste in the sink or his laundry on the floor. I never thought that I would have this much of an adjustment to make after growing up with my brothers. I never thought that my obsessive need for routine and cleanliness would lead me to a “cleaning chart” either. I have become my own worst enemy.

After waking up for the third Saturday in a row to a huge mess of a house I decided things needed to change. I hate that every weekend that I should be spending time with my husband on his day off we’re stuck cleaning up the mess we made the week before. Thus, the idea of a chart! I separated the house/chores into seven areas one for every day of the week. 

The chart is extensive. There is a description of what needs to happen in each room and who is in charge of what. I have to tell you, it works… when we feel like letting it work. It saves us from Saturdays of cleaning, but it’s an hour sometimes on Thursday I spend in the kitchen. My favorite part about it though is that there is way less to do the next week because we have kept up with the work.

I’m sure reading it will give you a big laugh. I know that Adam thought it was hilarious until he realized how much working I was giving him! Enjoy! And before you think I’m a psycho wife know that Adam asked me to tell him what he needed to do around here and to make a list for him. I just got carried away. That’s all. Right? 

(I tried to add a link to the document I created, but couldn’t figure it out. I stink with computers. So I copied and pasted it. Sorry!)

Bathroom: A+M
Job Description: scrub shower/tub, toilet, counter, wash mirror, empty trash if necessary, towels and mats, dust décor, wash toothbrush holder, sweep and mop floors, organize bathroom products, replace toilet paper.

Master bedroom: M
Job Description: pick up room, change sheets, empty trash can, dust furniture, wash mirrors, organize closets, vacuum. 

Foyer/stairs (laundry): A+M
Job Description: FOYER/STAIRS pick up, dust (shelf, décor, stair rail), sweep and mop foyer floor, hand vacuum stairs, clean out mail bin.
Job Description: LAUNDRY sort, wash, fold, hang, put away, roll socks. 

Kitchen: M
Job Description: clear counter of dishes, empty dishwasher, empty trash, clear refrigerator of old food, straighten pantry, clean countertops, clean appliances, sweep floors, remove office pens/pencils from cup, clean bulletin board, wash table cloth and towels and clean trash can.

Living room: A
Job Description: Pick up room, straighten pillows, blankets, replace all remotes, dust (tables, tv, window sill), hand vacuum (curtains and couch cushions), vacuum rug and carpet, scrub spots on carpet.

Office/Guest bedroom: M
Job Description: Pick up room, organize all papers in tray, replace/wash bed sheets (if used), dust furniture, vacuum (if needed), empty trash can, organize closet. 

Back Porch (cars): A
Job Description: BACK PORCH All tables and chairs on cement, trash removed, porch swept.
Job Description: CARS Both cars cleaned out entirely, vacuum, armor all, scrub stains from seats, inside windows washed, febreez, outside car washed on occasion. Also, please check fluids and all other regularly needed check-ups. 

Everyday Cleaning/Habits:
Bathroom: No products or make up left on counter top, towels hung, shower curtain closed, check toilet paper available.

Master Bedroom: Bed made up every day, floor picked up. 

Foyer/Laundry: Please keep trash out of mail bin, shoes belong in bedroom, take items set on stairs to where they belong, all dirty laundry belongs in laundry hamper, hang clean clothes, all shoes belong in closet. 

Kitchen: Dirty dishes immediately go to dishwasher, clean countertops every night, sweep when necessary regardless of day.

Living room: Pick up entirely, clean major messes immediately, take all dishes to kitchen. 

Office: Organize paperwork immediately. Take all dishes to kitchen. 

Back Porch: Please encourage friends not to litter and bring in all trash you see immediately.
Cars: Make a habit out of carrying in all items including trash. 

1.  If you do not complete your task you may double up the next day. 

2   If you have not completed the task to its’ exact requirement after three days the other person will give you one of their tasks for the next week.

3.   You may switch days of designated tasks as long as they both are completed by the end of the week. If there needs to be an official change of tasks to day you may reprint the sheet.
4.   If company will be present all tasks must be completed a day before their arrival.
5.       This list is to be used in addition to all other to do list’s made. 

Brothers and Sisters

Three weeks ago Adam picked up the flu and decided to keep it a while. I lived on coffee and Netflix as I tried to avoid him, but stayed up all night so I could check his temperature every forty five minutes. While watching much TV I crossed the TV show Brothers and Sisters staring Sally Field, Calista Flockhart,  Rob Lowe, Emily VanCamp, and several other well known names. I literally can’t go a day without watching the show now.

Brothers and Sisters is a TV show about a mother and her five children that are grown, married, and reproducing. They find out in the first few episodes that their recently deceased father has left them a multitude of hideous secrets and mess that they must clean up within their family produce business and lives. Their unfortunate events are frequent as any family drama must be in order to keep its’ viewers which is frustrating, but how they handle these misfortunes is what attracts me to the show. 

Like this family our family too has spent a Thanksgiving in the hospital hovering over my niece who was seriously sick. Like this family our stress built tension was let out through screaming and nasty remarks. This show portrays that families still love each other no matter what. It was a pleasant surprise discovering a television show that so well represented the conflicts a family faces and how they deal with it. 

Brothers and Sisters makes my family seem normal in the sense that the way we behave is so common that there is a TV show depicting it. No one enjoys arguing with their family members, but the truth is that it happens. Sally Field, the mother of the Walker family is so much like my mother it scares me. She’s incredibly protective, loving, and well… overbearing with every good intention. Her mannerisms, “it must be my fault” comments, and ability to know exactly what her child is thinking mirrors my mother and it thrills me. My mom even looks like her a little bit.  

I don’t have any deep and thoughtful closing comments. All I can say is, if you watched the show you might be able to better understand my family and I love it. My only criticism is that the daughters/sisters don’t cry enough. No girl can be criticized by her brothers so harshly and not walk away with a few emotional scars and tears. For real. 

I've attached a picture of my super close loving family for kicks. We're a good looking team. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love and Capturing Moments

I received an email today from our wedding photographer, Nathan Gilmer that said our wedding album is ready. After taking some time pondering on how lucky Adam and I were to find Nathan via facebook I realized I hadn’t yet raved about his work on my blog.  That’s what blogs are for anyway aren’t they? 

Nathan spent four hours with us this past August to shoot our engagement pictures here around town. We started at our favorite coffee shop Starlight Café and moved onto an abandoned school house and then a golf course just recently sold to become a housing development. 

We were thrilled to find out that though Nathan lived in PA close enough to shoot our engagement pictures and he was moving to Daytona Beach with his wife. Adam and I had already booked our wedding venue at the Hilton on Daytona Beach. What luck of fate and what an awesome photographer. 

Nathan notices details and captures emotion. Looking at our pictures from our engagement shoot and wedding gives me butterflies and reminds me how much I love Adam. You can check Nathan’s work out on facebook: Nathan GIlmer photography or his blog at: 

Thank you again to Nathan and his wonderful wife who kept my veil in check despite the wind.

Bras and Laughter

It has been several months since I threw a “Lingerie Party” for a good friend of mine. With the wedding planning madness, moving into a new house, and school work I never got the opportunity to share with you what a success it was. 

Two weeks before the party I got in touch with Callie’s adorable and fun loving mom and started planning. We settled to have the party in a friend’s gorgeous backyard and I got to work on the food, decorations, and games. I wanted to give Callie a fun and classy girl’s night that didn’t get out of hand. My biggest mistake was choosing to use pink decorations knowing full well Callie isn’t a fan. Did you know finding red boa’s is actually quite difficult?

I bought party favor diamond rings that I placed on top of pink iced cupcakes. On other cupcakes I drew pairs of underwear and bras. For cups I purchased Dollar Store wine glasses and painted bra’s and underwear on them then added glitter. At the bottom of the stem I tied a pink feather ribbon to add some pizazz. The wine glasses were the guest cups and party favors. 

Our best game was multi-functional. I had each guest bring a pair of underwear that they would usually wear as a gift for Callie. I hung the underwear up on a clothes line and Callie had to choose who brought what. Though we had some confusion as to whether you were supposed to choose underwear you would want Callie to wear or what you personally would wear the game went well and it seemed everyone had a good time.

I was so honored to throw the party for Callie as she has been such an amazing friend. I wish Callie and Dann the best of luck in their wonderfully blessed married life!

Slipcovers and Fellowship

Who doesn’t love good looking, cheap, and usable craft projects? I love the result of my hard work and the opportunity to make something to be proud of myself for. Recently, a cousin of mine sent me a link to a blog I fell in love with. What grabbed my attention the most was a post she wrote on “How to Make a Slip Cover for a Sectional”.

Basically, she called over ten good girlfriends that owned sewing machines and they got to work. The astonishing factor to me wasn’t that they finished a slipcover for a big couch in one day. What stunned me was that she had ten girlfriends with sewing machines. Not only that, but she had ten girlfriends! She has ten girlfriends that are willing to let her turn them into factory workers. Wow.

While I don’t have any intentions of making girlfriends so that they can help recover my couch (though I could use the help) I would like to know ten girls willing to get crafty with me. So I have challenged myself to a “Girls Night Craft Extravaganza”. I plan to turn my married and single lady friends into Martha Stuart wannabes.

What would you do to get this started? Craft ideas? Food ideas?