My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things!

I love getting to tell friends and family when I’ve found a great product, TV show, website, music, so I’ve decided every week I’m going to post on my page “my favorite things”. Of course some of it is just silly.

8. This Video: Always thrills me. Sometimes I make the "awww" sound over and over again and Adam and I will laugh for about an hour making a ton of references to this skit. I hope you get a good laugh out of it too! 

7. Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt: My favorite "ice cream" store in town. It's self-serve from getting your bowl to putting it on the scale and all of the toppings in between! You choose what and how you make your yogurt and at the end you're charged by the ounce. Adam and I always walk out spending WAY less than we would have at Cold Stone and I feel better about myself for helping a start-up business with a healthy alternative to my favorite sweet! Check it out! Sweet Frog {Cake Batter or Red Velvet is the best}

6. Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup: You can -literally- sleep in this make up. This is the make up I used for my wedding and it stayed on so well.

5. Half Baked Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream: If I could afford to eat the actual brand on a regular basis I would do so, but the Wal Mart brand is just as pleasing. More recently I have had a bowl everyday... And the name is just so suitable!!

4. Families with Matching Sweaters: I love them. They are so comical yet they bring a family together. My cousins and I were close in age so my grandmother routinely made us matching Christmas dresses (which were beautiful might I add), but we never got these super cool matching sweaters!! It's possible that she was just too classy for them...

 3. Chalkboard Paint: It's fairly inexpensive and it's easy to work with. Adam brought home this weird old Pepsi display that he thought was so awesome and I thought was trash. I splashed on some chalkboard paint now we have an unique board up in our living room.

 2. Our Dog Blue: Chateau Morrisette: Speaking of wine... this is one of my favorites. It's a local wine and runs about $10 a bottle which is pretty expensive for my budget, but totally worth it! I brought this Riesling to a Christmas party as a gift and the beautiful host was so excited because she too was a fan (WIN). Our Dog Blue is a delicious local wine and I just love buying local products. 

1. Vitabath: Original Spring Green Sugar Scrub: My grandmother and mother have been buying the green Vitabath products for each other as birthday and Christmas presents for as long as I can remember. They always appreciated it. I assumed that Vitabath was for old people (sorry mom) until my mom gave me her extra tube of sugar scrub when I was complaining about my dry skin in need of exfoliation. I fell in love. Smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh. Also goes great with Vitabath bubble bath, lit candles, and a glass of wine.