Monday, August 30, 2010

Streamers and Jacuzzi's

This past weekend Adam and I joined in on the beginnings of a wedding celebration for close friends Matt and Erin. For a whole weekend both Matt and Erin had the opportunity to celebrate their last weekend of “freedom” before their wedding this upcoming weekend.

I dropped Adam off in Bristol, TN so that he could ride with the boys to Asheville, NC where they (no doubt) had a great deal of fun. But I continued on to meet the girls for the Bachelorette party in Pigeon Forge.

Erin and I just met each other this past spring so I was nervous about celebrating with girls I barely knew, but I was wrong. The party was warm, welcoming, and wild. The cabin was big, very well decorated, and came equipped with a Jacuzzi. What else could a girl ask for? Oh I know, incredible friends who decorated the space with pink, black, and red bachelorette necessities and streamers. Erin had two future sister in law’s who went all out on the event and did an awesome job.

My favorite part about the bachelorette party was the idea that you could have fun without the typical “male piece” display or awkward games. It was a true girls weekend that made me feel young again. We talked makeup and hair, weddings, and family until 6:30 am. We played pranks on the future bride and woke up the next morning to go shopping. We ran through a hall of mirrors, snapping pictures and being loud. Later we went to take an Old Time picture and had a blast.

There are a few things I learned about the experience that I will do for my party. First being that there MUST be a Jacuzzi! Secondly, to surround yourself with girls that you can trust, laugh with, and enjoy. Finally, make sure there is plenty of food and Red Bull.

The weekend for the ladies was relaxing and so enjoyable. I haven’t heard much about the boys weekend. Who knows what that could mean!

Congratulations Matt and Erin!

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