Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kate Spade and Snuggies

Is it just me or is registering for a wedding one of the most awkward and stressful activities on a wedding to-do list? There’s nothing like making a list of a thousand different things that you both need and love at any price range and at your favorite stores. It’s so awkward expecting people to go to these said stores (mine are Target and Macy’s by the way) and expecting your guests to get you what you’ve asked for.

There are so many wedding registry “taboos” too you have to watch out for. I mean, you don’t want to be like your second cousins goofy fiancé who put ten thousand video games on the list, but you do what your guests to buy things that you and your husband can enjoy together. You also don’t want to put on an ironing board, hangers, or rubber-maids on the list but they are items that you need. You do however want to make sure that your guests can tell that you let your fiancé have some fun with this project and you aren't a control freak. So, you allow your fiancé to add “snuggies” to the list and 30 giant dodge balls, but you spend the next few months praying no one actually buys them.

It’s such a stressful process! Especially if you drag your fiancé into Target and spend half a day picking out items that you need and come in two months later to find out that your list has been deleted!! That’s when I called my mom. I went to Florida and my mom and I went down every aisle at Macy’s (I had to fix Target’s by myself) and picked out even the obnoxious stuff because my mom is so supportive. She even convinced me that it’s okay to add a set of china even though I wasn't planning on it because I absolutely loved it. (I did, see above)

Most of the “awkwardness” from the project stems from the fact that you cannot wait to get the blue pillows (Target registry) for your living room and the fluffy white towels (Macy’s) or the plastic dishes for patio parties (Macy’s). I can’t pretend to think that I’ll get everything on my list from my luggage (it’s beautiful-Macy’s) to the steamer I added for Adam’s suits. I just hope that no one judges me for what I’ve asked for or hates my style.

In the end I have to remember if I didn’t have this registry most of my guests would feel more awkward buying me presents they weren’t sure I would like than I felt awkward by telling them what to get me.

Public notice: Our registry for Target is different online than it is in the store. One more frustration added to the process... At least my complaint with this is legitimate.

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