Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clouds of Doom and No Worries

It’s been over a month now that Adam and I have been home from the honeymoon. The wedding planning is over but the gray wedding cloud of doom is still hovering. I’m still working on thank you notes (my apologies everyone) and now I'm having wedding re-do nightmares. Don’t get me wrong I loved our wedding and had such a great time, but I would hate to go through that all over again. I’m married, happy, and ready to face different challenges. So please nightmares go away!

I’m willing to share some wedding day secrets that might give some cause for my nightmares. The day of I woke up with no voice. I’m wasn't squeaky or a little hoarse I was mute. I whispered our vows. I broke out in hives that all of my bridesmaids noticed but ignored until my brother walked in and freaked out, thus making me aware of my rosy complexion. Thank you for the fix dear allergy meds.

The wedding cake: My dad’s friend knew a woman who was supposedly great with cakes. I saw pictures of her work and was thrilled though I knew the situation was risky. Months before the wedding I sent her a “mock up” of a cake and she agreed to the job. A few days before the wedding she called to hash out some details, which made me a little nervous. Needless to say, we never heard from her again. My angel of an aunt got on the phone and called around and found that Publix was capable of making a cake just in time for our big day. It wasn’t a winner, but it did the job and was delicious.

My hair was white until my God send of a groomsmen’s-wife-and-personal-friend –Erin ran in and literally scraped out the serious layers of “freeze” hairspray that the hairdresser recklessly applied. Not to mention the terrible do’s my bridesmaids got that Erin also remarkably fixed. Daytona’s award winning hair salon full of honey selling hippies was a bust though their honey did help my voice.

But the worst part of our day was the non-existent paid wedding coordinator. I mean, he was there to tell us when to walk for the ceremony after not coming to our rehearsal to tell us how it worked and not making sure that he used the rehearsal dinner decorations we put together and delivered, nor was he there to tell us where our “big exit” should be. Oh Hilton on Daytona Beach do I have words for you. No worries though, my complaints will be on every brides website within the month.

While this post is full of serious negativity none of these problems sunk in that day for me. I never cared that I didn’t have a voice. I didn’t care that my hair was white and big deal if I had an allergic reaction. No cake, well then change the saying to “Let them eat store bought ice cream!” I didn’t care because all that mattered was that I married my best friend that day. Unfortunately for the Hilton, I care now buddies.

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