Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes


By the end of this weekend Popsicles and Potential will have undergone some changes and will be facing more changes in the future. I wanted to confirm that some of these changes are okay before I lose any readers and my amazing 13 followers. And thank you so much for your support.

Hopefully we will build functional pages that will allow me to post and keep things more organized for you. The pages will feature craft projects, a page for cheap outfits and my fashion/shopping advice, how to stay organized and clean well, insight into my life (money, marriage, etc.) and our wedding details. I know many of you have looked forward to posts about our wedding and some of the things we have changed more recently around our home. I have been hesitant to post these until the blog has a face lift. I apologize. I am also looking forward to instituting a “Feature Friday”: a view into the homes of my friends and family. I have a great friend helping out with all of this.

I'm in the midst of working on a logo. Wish me luck. If you have any advice or would like to do it for free please let me know!

My wonderful friend Ben Hardbower who is an excellent photographer in the making is going to take some shots for the new Pops and Pote background. Check out some of his work Here.

Post title changes are still under consideration. It has been fun following the style of the title and posting with an “AND”. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to search for a specific post and understand what each post is actually about. I’m sure you agree.

I want my blog to be helpful. Adam and I go through the craziest things and so far have survived each time. It’s my duty to report to my fellow citizens (ha) how we do survive these things so that they might also survive this thing called life. Essentially, I want my blog to be helpful. It can only do that by looking its best!

Please give me some feedback. Hate it or love it? Better ideas? Supportive? What is it that you want to see?

Thanks again,



  1. Ohhh, can my home be on your "Feature Friday?!" It would give me some motivation to get it in order :)

  2. Michelle you, Jan and Amy will be my first featured homes. :) Don't you worry.