Saturday, April 2, 2011

Too Much Stuff and Not Enough Guts

I don’t know why, but this morning I woke up thinking “We have too much stuff”. We have several newlywed friends who blog and they all make comments about their “lack of items” and how it’s natural because they are newlyweds. Maybe it seems like we have more junk because Adam collects books and my mom cleaned out her house and gave everything she didn’t want to us. Or it could be that everything from our wedding made its way to our house. It also could be that Adam and I didn’t live on campus a year to two years before we got married so we had items from our apartments. I don’t know, but I’m exhausted with the thought that I need to get rid of some things and I have absolutely no idea how to do it.

For example: Our bathroom. Adam uses my shampoo whereas I use the shampoo and conditioner. We always run out of shampoo before we do conditioner and I usually buy different brands when I shop the next time. This leaves us now with three different bottles of conditioner underneath our sink. Have you watched  The Book of Eli? {Short: This man finds a Bible after a time that they were all burned and he is determined to take it to a safe haven. This time is survival of the fittest as most of the country has been destroyed. They have nothing.} There is a scene where a woman uses shampoo to wash her hair and she feels like a queen because no one has or can afford shampoo anymore. I hate that scene because now I can’t just toss my extra bottles of conditioner! I hate hate hate wasting things. I even use our left over coffee to marinate chicken. (Recipe to come) Considering all of this, what would you do?

I have literally (my husband has me addicted to that word – watch Parks and Rec?) been sitting in our office for the past 40 minutes on the phone with my mom trying to figure out how I can de-clutter this room. That’s my before noon goal. Wish me luck. 

 Isn't that just awful looking? You should see the before pictures to this! (Office make over post in five months -just kidding) 

By the way, as much as I dread starting work on Monday I think my sanity needs a break from house work. I’m over thinking it. GET. ME. OUT. OF. HERE. 

So readers, single, taken, engaged, married: Do you have a lot of stuff and feel guilty or do you love being surrounded by things? If you hate it, how do you deal? Do you cover it up? Hide it? Sell it? Help me out! 

Update: We have decided that though we might have a lot of stuff for our age and early on in our marriage it's not necessarily a bad thing. We have a small townhouse with little storage so you have to see everything out all of the time. Once we get a house (soon hopefully) it will seem like we have nothing again. In the mean time, we don't need to buy anything. Maybe a new vacuum, but it's so nice knowing we don't need anything. So I'm not going to freak out anymore and try to figure out what else we can get rid of. We're sticking with what we've got and that's it! 

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