Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby News and Big Plans

Happy April Fools Day everyone!!!! I hope you all used this day to your advantage and made up some scandalous lie to trick everyone. Adam and I talked about posting a picture of a house like this: that we could tell people we went ahead and bought a house to "flip". But, within the past few weeks we have received so many calls and so many friendly messages on the subject of house shopping that we decided to avoid nervous and frantic phone calls from concerned friends and family. (Not that we haven't appreciated the sometimes amazing advice)

Instead, we decided to announce that we were pregnant. If you're still wondering: No we are not pregnant. All that's in my stomach is a Target hot dog (my favorite after Sam's Club), too many diet cokes, and and Girl Scout thin mint cookie. Too much information? 

I couldn't believe the response we got. My mom said, "Are you serious?" in a way that sounded a lot like the time I told her at 6:30 am that I got into a car accident on my way to school when I was 17. Adam's mom probably had a panic attack searching for her phone with such excitement hoping that the news was true. You see, my mom wants me to finish my bachelors degree so I can pay for a child. Adam's mom wants me to have a child now so she can steal it away from us and make it wear frilly things regardless of it's gender.

We aren't planning to have babies any time soon. Sorry Charlie. We've got a uh, how do I say this nicely... disturbed, but adorable cat. Not to mention, full time jobs, student loans out the wazoo, dreams of owning our own home, and very few reliable friends for babysitters. (Just kidding-almost) It's not true for us, but it is true for our honeymoon friends Dan and Claire who live in the UK. So congratulations to them! Keep them in your thoughts and prayers until October!

That's Claire and Dan on the left! Aren't they adorable?

But don't worry, when the time comes and we get knocked up you will all be the last ones to know! 

Happy April First. :)

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  1. Life happens...just sayin, just sayin... ;)