Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creating a Sun and Creative Techniques

This sun is from {The Nester}. I thought it was adorable and we needed something for above our bed... So Adam picked up four white posters from the dollar store for me (50 cents each) and I got to work! 

I measured each sun blade at 5 inches in width. Folded a straight line, then cut. 

Then I folded the five inch cut in half (hot dog, not hamburger). 

I traced each time the angle that I wanted the blade to have... 

Voila. And repeat 12 times. 

I temporarily taped each blade to another and decided on a layout. 

Then I glued each one together. 

I cut three smaller pieces 5 inches in width. 

Then I glued all of the pieces together. Carefully... 

My mother in law used these mirrors for our wedding shower centerpieces and gave them to me. I took off the black place stickers. 

Yes, I did it. I just covered that baby with lots of hot glue.

Then I was done! But I realized I made no plans to hang it. I called my mom and she gave me a great idea of using a soda can pop top. 

I bent it so it would catch the nail.

Hot glued it on and used the place sticker to keep the metal from marking our walls. This works if what you're hanging isn't too heavy. 

And there you have it! Now I need to get on that headboard, bed stand, and new lamps! 

It's not as amazing as the one on the left, but I still like it! And it only cost me $1.50 (three poster boards), and the cost of all of the hot glue sticks I used. I'm trying to decide if I want to paint a edge on the mirror similar to the sun on the left, but for now it will do!


  1. Amazing, Marcy! You are quite the talented lady.

  2. Marcy how fun! I saw this on numerous blogs and thought to myself: I should make one. Yours came out great--I love it! I'm debating whether or not to make this kind or a book page wreath for over our two end tables in our new bedroom. The white is bold and fresh and I like that, I'm afraid the book pages may blend in with my tan walls. What do you think?

    P.S. Keep the pictures coming of your house--I love what I see! :)