Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bras and Laughter

It has been several months since I threw a “Lingerie Party” for a good friend of mine. With the wedding planning madness, moving into a new house, and school work I never got the opportunity to share with you what a success it was. 

Two weeks before the party I got in touch with Callie’s adorable and fun loving mom and started planning. We settled to have the party in a friend’s gorgeous backyard and I got to work on the food, decorations, and games. I wanted to give Callie a fun and classy girl’s night that didn’t get out of hand. My biggest mistake was choosing to use pink decorations knowing full well Callie isn’t a fan. Did you know finding red boa’s is actually quite difficult?

I bought party favor diamond rings that I placed on top of pink iced cupcakes. On other cupcakes I drew pairs of underwear and bras. For cups I purchased Dollar Store wine glasses and painted bra’s and underwear on them then added glitter. At the bottom of the stem I tied a pink feather ribbon to add some pizazz. The wine glasses were the guest cups and party favors. 

Our best game was multi-functional. I had each guest bring a pair of underwear that they would usually wear as a gift for Callie. I hung the underwear up on a clothes line and Callie had to choose who brought what. Though we had some confusion as to whether you were supposed to choose underwear you would want Callie to wear or what you personally would wear the game went well and it seemed everyone had a good time.

I was so honored to throw the party for Callie as she has been such an amazing friend. I wish Callie and Dann the best of luck in their wonderfully blessed married life!

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