Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

Three weeks ago Adam picked up the flu and decided to keep it a while. I lived on coffee and Netflix as I tried to avoid him, but stayed up all night so I could check his temperature every forty five minutes. While watching much TV I crossed the TV show Brothers and Sisters staring Sally Field, Calista Flockhart,  Rob Lowe, Emily VanCamp, and several other well known names. I literally can’t go a day without watching the show now.

Brothers and Sisters is a TV show about a mother and her five children that are grown, married, and reproducing. They find out in the first few episodes that their recently deceased father has left them a multitude of hideous secrets and mess that they must clean up within their family produce business and lives. Their unfortunate events are frequent as any family drama must be in order to keep its’ viewers which is frustrating, but how they handle these misfortunes is what attracts me to the show. 

Like this family our family too has spent a Thanksgiving in the hospital hovering over my niece who was seriously sick. Like this family our stress built tension was let out through screaming and nasty remarks. This show portrays that families still love each other no matter what. It was a pleasant surprise discovering a television show that so well represented the conflicts a family faces and how they deal with it. 

Brothers and Sisters makes my family seem normal in the sense that the way we behave is so common that there is a TV show depicting it. No one enjoys arguing with their family members, but the truth is that it happens. Sally Field, the mother of the Walker family is so much like my mother it scares me. She’s incredibly protective, loving, and well… overbearing with every good intention. Her mannerisms, “it must be my fault” comments, and ability to know exactly what her child is thinking mirrors my mother and it thrills me. My mom even looks like her a little bit.  

I don’t have any deep and thoughtful closing comments. All I can say is, if you watched the show you might be able to better understand my family and I love it. My only criticism is that the daughters/sisters don’t cry enough. No girl can be criticized by her brothers so harshly and not walk away with a few emotional scars and tears. For real. 

I've attached a picture of my super close loving family for kicks. We're a good looking team. 

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