Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love and Capturing Moments

I received an email today from our wedding photographer, Nathan Gilmer that said our wedding album is ready. After taking some time pondering on how lucky Adam and I were to find Nathan via facebook I realized I hadn’t yet raved about his work on my blog.  That’s what blogs are for anyway aren’t they? 

Nathan spent four hours with us this past August to shoot our engagement pictures here around town. We started at our favorite coffee shop Starlight CafĂ© and moved onto an abandoned school house and then a golf course just recently sold to become a housing development. 

We were thrilled to find out that though Nathan lived in PA close enough to shoot our engagement pictures and he was moving to Daytona Beach with his wife. Adam and I had already booked our wedding venue at the Hilton on Daytona Beach. What luck of fate and what an awesome photographer. 

Nathan notices details and captures emotion. Looking at our pictures from our engagement shoot and wedding gives me butterflies and reminds me how much I love Adam. You can check Nathan’s work out on facebook: Nathan GIlmer photography or his blog at: nathangilmerphotography.com. 

Thank you again to Nathan and his wonderful wife who kept my veil in check despite the wind.

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