Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Charts and Dreams of Perfection

I live with a man that I can’t tattle on when he leaves toothpaste in the sink or his laundry on the floor. I never thought that I would have this much of an adjustment to make after growing up with my brothers. I never thought that my obsessive need for routine and cleanliness would lead me to a “cleaning chart” either. I have become my own worst enemy.

After waking up for the third Saturday in a row to a huge mess of a house I decided things needed to change. I hate that every weekend that I should be spending time with my husband on his day off we’re stuck cleaning up the mess we made the week before. Thus, the idea of a chart! I separated the house/chores into seven areas one for every day of the week. 

The chart is extensive. There is a description of what needs to happen in each room and who is in charge of what. I have to tell you, it works… when we feel like letting it work. It saves us from Saturdays of cleaning, but it’s an hour sometimes on Thursday I spend in the kitchen. My favorite part about it though is that there is way less to do the next week because we have kept up with the work.

I’m sure reading it will give you a big laugh. I know that Adam thought it was hilarious until he realized how much working I was giving him! Enjoy! And before you think I’m a psycho wife know that Adam asked me to tell him what he needed to do around here and to make a list for him. I just got carried away. That’s all. Right? 

(I tried to add a link to the document I created, but couldn’t figure it out. I stink with computers. So I copied and pasted it. Sorry!)

Bathroom: A+M
Job Description: scrub shower/tub, toilet, counter, wash mirror, empty trash if necessary, towels and mats, dust décor, wash toothbrush holder, sweep and mop floors, organize bathroom products, replace toilet paper.

Master bedroom: M
Job Description: pick up room, change sheets, empty trash can, dust furniture, wash mirrors, organize closets, vacuum. 

Foyer/stairs (laundry): A+M
Job Description: FOYER/STAIRS pick up, dust (shelf, décor, stair rail), sweep and mop foyer floor, hand vacuum stairs, clean out mail bin.
Job Description: LAUNDRY sort, wash, fold, hang, put away, roll socks. 

Kitchen: M
Job Description: clear counter of dishes, empty dishwasher, empty trash, clear refrigerator of old food, straighten pantry, clean countertops, clean appliances, sweep floors, remove office pens/pencils from cup, clean bulletin board, wash table cloth and towels and clean trash can.

Living room: A
Job Description: Pick up room, straighten pillows, blankets, replace all remotes, dust (tables, tv, window sill), hand vacuum (curtains and couch cushions), vacuum rug and carpet, scrub spots on carpet.

Office/Guest bedroom: M
Job Description: Pick up room, organize all papers in tray, replace/wash bed sheets (if used), dust furniture, vacuum (if needed), empty trash can, organize closet. 

Back Porch (cars): A
Job Description: BACK PORCH All tables and chairs on cement, trash removed, porch swept.
Job Description: CARS Both cars cleaned out entirely, vacuum, armor all, scrub stains from seats, inside windows washed, febreez, outside car washed on occasion. Also, please check fluids and all other regularly needed check-ups. 

Everyday Cleaning/Habits:
Bathroom: No products or make up left on counter top, towels hung, shower curtain closed, check toilet paper available.

Master Bedroom: Bed made up every day, floor picked up. 

Foyer/Laundry: Please keep trash out of mail bin, shoes belong in bedroom, take items set on stairs to where they belong, all dirty laundry belongs in laundry hamper, hang clean clothes, all shoes belong in closet. 

Kitchen: Dirty dishes immediately go to dishwasher, clean countertops every night, sweep when necessary regardless of day.

Living room: Pick up entirely, clean major messes immediately, take all dishes to kitchen. 

Office: Organize paperwork immediately. Take all dishes to kitchen. 

Back Porch: Please encourage friends not to litter and bring in all trash you see immediately.
Cars: Make a habit out of carrying in all items including trash. 

1.  If you do not complete your task you may double up the next day. 

2   If you have not completed the task to its’ exact requirement after three days the other person will give you one of their tasks for the next week.

3.   You may switch days of designated tasks as long as they both are completed by the end of the week. If there needs to be an official change of tasks to day you may reprint the sheet.
4.   If company will be present all tasks must be completed a day before their arrival.
5.       This list is to be used in addition to all other to do list’s made. 

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