Thursday, March 10, 2011

Masters of Curtains and Playing with Bleach

Our house still feels so unfinished and I blame it on the master bedroom. So, today I'm trying to figure out some window treatment ideas that won't cost me a dime, but I need some help.

It's embarrassing sometimes but I am never one to turn down free things. As a result I have five canvas window panels (two short, two long, and one way different) that a college roommate gave to me two years ago. I'm not a fan of boring curtains. I've kept these pieces around thinking that one day I'd have a need for them or I'd pass them along to someone else with a need for them. 

I know the picture is hard to see because I took it with my IPhone. Sorry. We have a black curtain rod from ikea. I just pinned up the curtains so you can see what they look like right now. This is just one of the canvas panels and one large panel of an IKEA mosquito net curtain that I plan to cut in half to make two adding center pieces. The goal isn't to darken the room, just to make the windows look treated. 

1. I want to dye the curtains or bleach them. I'm worried the canvas bleached might turn them yellow and if I dye them they might feel rough. Have any advice? 

2. I want them to have a pattern. I know it's easy to stencil a pattern on them and use fabric paint, but I can't decide whether I want to paint a stencil or sew ribbon in a trellis pattern.

I'd love to have some feedback. Have you done this before? What should I avoid doing? What do you think I should do? Help me out!

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