Thursday, March 24, 2011

House Hunting and Falling in Love

So maybe I have low expectations or maybe I am just comfortable with smaller more “homey” spaces. I love this house. It’s small and old with so much character- not that sugar coating “character“ that really means it needs a lot of work. It’s been loved and well taken care of. I never saw myself falling in love with a Cape Cod style home, but I guess it worked out the same way I never thought I’d fall in love with Adam. Anything is possible…  I’ve posted a ton of pictures, my apologies. I just really wanted to share it all with you! 

This is the sidewalk that leads to the front door. You don't need to park on the street. There is room for a driveway to be built, but we'd have to do that. Personally, I'd love to add a "rock way". Similar to this: 

{This is not the house that I am showing you. I am showing you this driveway.}

The back patio is 16x24 feet. It's huge. If you look closely you can see that down there is a beautiful creek. Our first visit there were five deer just roaming out there. So beautiful.

And there is a light post! How cute!

That's my amazing husband. He was probably looking at the roof line or something important at this moment...

I'm not going to buy a house that I want to change all over, but having a few ideas is okay! I would love to finish the basement and add french doors here that open out to the patio. Dream.


Adam and I have a love for old pieces. They have stories... This comes with the house (it's big). 



Landry room, but there are also connections downstairs.

Part of the dining room.

Other part of dining room.

Living room with a beautiful fireplace.

Foyer with coat closet (necessary for the NE).

Stairs up to second floor. 

 First bathroom.

 First bedroom.

Second bedroom.

2nd bathroom upstairs. 

This is a "study" I guess, but it would totally be a great nursery. :) 

3rd bedroom 

4th bedroom.

Side porch.

Path to side entrance. 

Oh. I don't even know what to do with myself. It has me speechless. Please! Share your thoughts!! I'd love to know what you think!


  1. It's adorable, Marcy!!! I could def see you and Adam living there. Buying a house is such a big decision. Joel and I went house hunting for a few months....even went and had ourselves approved for the loan. Then we chickened out. We just can't decide where we want to settle. I am not sure I want to settle in Lynchburg. It is beautiful though and would be great to raise a family. But, my heart and (family) is in FL. It's a tough decision. We don't know what to do either!!!

  2. Christin, I know it's so hard. We are meeting with the loan officer tomorrow. So we're a little nervous. We both really love it here and as much as I love Florida, I'm not sure I'm okay with raising kids there. We've been praying quite a bit about all of this. Hopefully God will make His plans obvious!

  3. As much as i LOVE IT, i dont like the idea of you never returning to florida :( Though it is an adorable house! Looks so cozy!!!

  4. Super cute! Looks like they did a great job with upkeep! I like the landscaping in the front! House hunting was such a fun experience...but also very emotional so just know that if there are any disappointments God will work out the best option for you in the end! We even had to back out of a contract on one I really liked but I am so much more pleased with where we ended up!

  5. this house is just SUPER precious! I am in love with it too!! Are you guys thinking about buying? You'd have so much fun decorating! :)

  6. i can't believe that this is dan and jamie's old house! crazy! how exciting! robert and i live in LA...i'm dreaming of the day when we can even consider looking at houses! haha :)

  7. Alexis, we will be in Florida some day... After we are done with school!

    Brooke, I so agree. It's wonderful and so scary at the same time.

    Ema, We would have soooo much fun decorating it!!

    Ashley, doesn't it look great! LA. is probably so expensive!!

    To you all: It seems as if we're looking at buying smaller right now and using the property as an investment deal so that we can rent it out and use the property to pay for the dream house in the future. We will see! I don't understand all of the money stuff that's what Adam is for!