Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunshine and Fresh Linens

We are right on the edge of my favorite season, Spring! I love "Spring Cleaning". My mom is a teacher so when we were kids spring break was a huge deal to her. It was her one week to catch up around the house on laundry and heavy cleaning she didn’t have time to deal with from Fall to Summer. She would open the curtains throughout the house and let the sun shine in as the house smelled of all my favorite cleaning aromas (Windex, Pledge, Pine Sol, and even a little bleach). She would clean out all of our toys and clothes and our first week back to school would feel so fresh. I might need to see a psychologist, but I can’t help loving spring cleaning.

I’m starting early this year because I just interviewed for a job and hopefully will only have this week left to work on the house. For the past four years my spring cleaning has consisted of few things, my closet, baseboards, kitchen cabinets, common area restructuring, car cleaning, etc. because I’ve lived in a dorm or a small apartment. This year it’s so much better! I have six closets to clean out, a whole house full of baseboards, five large windows, two mattresses to scrub and flip, four dressers to clean out, a whole kitchen of cupboards to clean, and couches to scrub. I am in heaven and I have a complete empty week to bask in it- this might not ever happen again. 

At the end of spring cleaning I always have things to toss and things to sell. I would love to have a yard sale this year so that I could use the extra money for more cute things for the house. However, we live in a townhouse. I don’t see throwing up a table in the middle of our parking lot as a great way to sell my junk. I also don’t think the neighborhood would be too pleased. Adam suggested selling everything on Craigslist, but I have some pretty random stuff. I’ve only ever sold furniture on the site. 

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice that can help me get a little cash for all of my little junk? 

Here's Martha Stuart's printable Spring Cleaning list (I love it!): Spring Cleaning

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