Monday, March 21, 2011

Garden Stool Bargain and Real Estate

See this "garden stool":

This is a picture from a blog I follow {The Nester}

And here: 
This picture is from {Meadow Lake}. This post even talks about how these ceramic garden stools are in so many decor magazines.

And here: (silver ones)

And finally here: Oh wait I can't show you a website that sells them because they are all sold out. Pottery barn, Target, all of them. Kicker is that they sold at around $159 each. 

But with all of the time I have to waste before my job starts I hunt Craigslist for good deals and I found one!! 

For a whopping $15, I took this baby home with me. That is of course after the original owner of this stool told us about her neighborhood and Adam and I took the chance to tour (the outside) of a home for sale that we are completely enchanted by. It makes me drool. And it had the perfect patio for my new stool! 

The back patio is huge with a wonderful black iron fence... Oh I am so so so in love.

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