Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Cat Jackson and His Laziness

As requested (via facebook), here are some pictures of our cat Jackson... I'll tell you a little bit about him first! Jackson was rescued from our local Humane Society. He had been there for about five months just waiting for us to find him, Actually, our good friends knew we were on the hunt for a good fat cat and discovered him for us. He's clumsy. Jackson has a hip problem or a balance issue of some sort that makes him appear drunk most of the time. We love it! He's named after Adam's favorite character on Son's of Anarchy. I know I posted a ton of pictures, but he's just so cute!! I couldn't resist.

This is Jackson at the HS. He just curled up with me there. He weighed 10 lbs then... now he's skinny. So sad.


Jackson up close! (Trying to attack the camera)

He's always sleeping. 

Again, sleeping. 

He gets very jealous when I'm not focusing on him.

Jackson helping me with some spring cleaning. Yes, I cleaned the drawer when he got out.

Jackson "helping" me clean the office. He follows me everywhere...

Tried to take a picture of our living room and he hopped in. 

This is Jackson at the HS again. How cute. He wanted to come home with me.

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