Sunday, March 20, 2011

Atlas Shrugged and Turned Into A Work of Art

I did it! I managed to make a whole project in one day. We have so many projects just waiting to be finished around here. Most of them are waiting for me to run to the store to get spray paint or waiting for the weather to clear up so I can paint them outside. Finally, I managed to complete a project using only items that I already owned. I stole this book page canvas idea from a blog that I follow Jones Design Co. . She has some amazing ideas and sells a good bit of her work. Here’s my version of her book page canvas: 

This IKEA table was in our backyard. It's not shocking that it didn't withstand the snow and rain. It was ugly and I was determined to do something with it. 

After letting the table dry out for 24 hours and checking it for bugs, I painted it with a primer. 

We have too many books, but the only book I didn't mind trashing was a torn up copy of Atlas Shrugged. Too bad I couldn't think of this project when I was in high school and turned it in for the scholarship!

I originally began using my hot glue gun... 

I covered the edges first. 

Then, after burning myself several times I switched to my good friend, Elmer's glue. (I am so a future teacher) 

Almost finished... 

I printed out a big "B" and a little "b". Cut them out... 

Covered the back with more Elmer's glue.There is Jackson trying to help.

Then I glued them on. There would be more in between pictures, but Jackson took the camera and hid it. 

Added a mount piece that I had randomly in my "box of many things". 

And voila! A once boring hallway is now only sort of boring!


  1. You should! We're going to do our living room wall next! BIG RISK!