Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunshine in an IPOD and Music Playlists

Do you remember the opening scene of A Devil Wears Prada when KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” is being played while you watch the models put on their fancy boots and make up? Then you watch Anne Hathaway use some cheap chap stick and eat a giant onion bagel. I remember it vividly because when I wake up I pretend I’m one of those fabulous New York magazine editors that has a closet full of Chanel, JCrew, and Tiffany products and I’m totally playing KT Tunstall.

As I approach my new cubicle job -that I can’t exactly describe as my dream job, but I am totally grateful for- I’m building a better wardrobe (slowly but surely) and a better morning music playlist. The combination of coffee, a good morning playlist, and a great outfit makes for the beginnings of a wonderful day. Does it not?

So dear friends, family, and my five followers (which includes my friends and family): What’s your morning “jam”? What song is it that peps you up for another day at the factory? Are you like my husband and need to listen to what my mom would call “angry music”? Or are you more like me and need seriously cliché and cheerful music? 

These are some of my favorite and embarrassing morning tunes: 


If only I had moves like Micheal, style like Beyonce, and someone else to do my make up like Natasha...

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