Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Foyer Style and Reclying Material

This is our foyer "before". Very cluttered, busy, but it held everything we needed- or thought we needed. (Mail, keys, junk, etc.)

This is a bookshelf we were holding for a friend that decided he didn't want it. So we kept it. We also beat it up pretty well with all of our books too and I was ready to fancy it up or toss it (oh how I hate throwing furniture away).

So I tried to spray paint it black and I made a cute backing for it, but it just wasn't looking any better. At this point I had already used two cans of black spray paint ($2 total).

Hating the thought of throwing it out, I cut it in half. Yes, with this tiny blade thing because we don't have a saw.

I pulled off the top of the shelf and added it to the cut half... 

Tried to nail it. Failed. Tried again. Failed. Finally got it on the third try.

Then I spray painted it white and voila!! Adam has been begging me to let him keep his "house shoes" downstairs so I found a way to make it work. It also conveniently holds my rain boots. Yes, I need two pairs! It rains a lot here okay! I had another $1 can of white spray paint so the total was about $3. I am one of those people that puts spray paint on the grocery list. It's always convenient to have some cheap cans around.

P.S. The top isn't that uneven. It's the floor... a joy of renting from a cheaply built community.


  1. This is absolutely adorable! I may actually try something like that in my little place..I just love it :) Good job doing all of that yourself--I'm impressed..I can't exactly say I've chopped something up other than food in a long while or even ever! Keep up the projects, I am loving them! I like seeing pics of your house too--when we first got married I was also jobless and had a blast "setting up" our house and making it into a home. It's harder when you are renting but you can always find ways around--we used decals to dress up our bedroom. Well, this comment is getting long, hehe..just wanted to say GOOD JOB!

  2. Marcy, I love your blog and your DIY projects, I seriously wish I had your brain! This is so cute and clever!