Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thanking You and Being Even More Thankful Than That

I have begun the strenuous task of writing thank you notes for our wedding gifts and guests. It’s actually so enjoyable. It makes us recognize how many people truly care for us and have supported us in our marriage. But as we face financial burdens with paying for school costs, monthly living expenses, and the cost of becoming a resident of a different state it makes me realize even more how grateful I am for the things that we received from friends and family. 

Every time I step into a room now I try to figure out how we could afford such nice things, but struggle with our monthly budget. I evaluate every item within the room and remember where it came from or who it came from because I worry that we’ve spent money in places that we shouldn’t have. I love doing this now. 

In the bathroom, the scale was purchased with a gift card as was our shower curtain, rugs, and towels. The rest of our towels are from college that our wonderful mothers purchased for us. The toothbrush holder is a vase that my then boyfriend (now husband) gave to me with beautiful flowers in them. The soap vase is from our wedding reception décor paid for by my amazing parents. My favorite art piece I paid for with my own money when I was 13 and obsessed with redecorating my bedroom. 

My mother-in-law bought our bedroom furniture for us and the bed came from Adam’s dad. My mom gave us our first kitchen table that is now an island and she gave us most of our dishes. My two favorite skillets were given to me by my dad before I left for college. My favorite frames: Adam’s cousin and grandmother gave them as wedding gifts. 

Everything we’ve purchased including the couches (loveseat, full couch, and recliner $180), the ottoman ($15), the kitchen table ($22) and six chairs ($40) came from Craigslist or Goodwill. That’s where we spent some of our wedding checks and the rest really went to bills (oh the pleasures of being newlyweds). 

After I evaluate this it makes me love how giving people who love us are. I hope that my last post didn’t make me seem ungrateful for all that our loved ones have done for us. I hope that in the future we can return our appreciation to you beyond a simple thank you note. We love you all and thank you again. SO MUCH.

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