Monday, March 21, 2011

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets and The Horrors You Find There

Have you cleaned the tops of your kitchen cabinets recently? I’ve never lived in a home that had open space between the kitchen cabinet and the ceiling before so I wasn’t aware of the horrors that can be found there.

This past week as I thoroghly cleaned the kitchen I ventured to the top cabinets to pull down the vases I placed up there knowing full well that they would be dusty, but I never considered the platform on which they stood…I'm really short so I had to stand on the counter top to see the the layers and layers of dust- something I didn't do when placing the vases originally. 

It's hard to get a real feel of how dirty these really are. But this is what I like to call "kitchen dust" (includes layers of grease) you can't just lift it up with your favorite furniture dusting polish. This required a heavy duty scrub brush, a soap and water mix, then a bleach spray.

Finally, I would get a section clean at a time. You want to make sure you empty your cabinets before you spray them with anything. Unless of course you want to eat Pledge, bleach, and dish soap. 

I'm not a kitchen designer, but I'm pretty sure building a cabinet to sit two inches away from a wall and not at least covering the exposed area is a "no no". These gaps (there were three) disgusted me the most. I shoved my vacuum hose in and wished for the best because the rest can't be reached. Or at least I haven't figure out a way yet... 

At least I know for a fact that there aren't big creepy crawly things down there. But hello property managers, do you really want problems with mice? 
I pulled out the drawers as well and discovered past renters had left us gifts (that I promptly threw away). 

I'm so happy that I finished the kitchen cabinet cleaning project-that's a mouth full. I am hoping we buy our own home before I have to clean out another rented kitchen as intensely as I had to do last week. I seriously suggest however that if your cabinets don't touch the ceiling you go do some inspecting.

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