Monday, March 21, 2011

Yes I Try and No I'm Not Perfect

I try to make sure my outfits are well chosen and are applicable to whatever the weather may bring. I brush my teeth every morning and every night and most afternoons. I separate my loads of white laundry into "bleach" and "non bleach" baskets. I typically have everything I might need in my purse at all times. I bought a Brita filter and two water bottles in order to be more "green" both environmentally and economically.

Admittedly, tonight was the first night that the entire bathroom was cleaned on the day in which it was assigned. {Our Cleaning Chart} Usually, Adam cleans the bathtub when he's not bogged down with work and homework and it's usually just a few days before I clean the whole bathroom again. Regardless, it gets done once a week. But I did try to make a cleaning chart that would help us keep our house up to my expectations.

And also admittedly, we went to bed just a few short hours ago wondering why our room smelt so horribly. Then I discovered the cat had peed on the bed we were comfortably set up in. After a shower, a rush of laundry, re-making the bed and recharging my computer I couldn't help but tell you all how I failed. I have failed to master the kitty litter buying scheme. I don't know what to buy to convince the cat it's worth using the box. And I haven't yet had the time (despite my lack of payed working hours as of yet) to teach the darn thing to use the toilet.

I know that some of my readers- YES I DO HAVE READERS -will find great satisfaction in knowing that I cannot control the behaviors of my pet, I almost slept in cat pee, and I'm not perfect. Not even close.

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